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Conquer TMJ Pain with Specialized Treatment

Find Relief from Chronic Symptoms

If symptoms of TMJ disorder are affecting the quality of your life, you can find relief through our specialized treatments! As oral surgeons, we have advanced training in TMJ treatment and are experienced in surgical and non-surgical options for relieving your pain. Taking a personalized approach to your care, we find the root cause of your pain and provide treatment that can effectively return you to a comfortable and functional life. If you’re living with the symptoms of TMJ disorder, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team. We’re here to find a solution that fits your unique situation and give you a better quality of life!

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

We’ve transformed the lives of patients living with the following issues:

  • Chronic joint or jaw pain
  • Pain in neck, ears, and back
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Facial muscle spasms
  • Jaw popping or locking
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  • What options are avaiable to treat TMJ?

Understanding TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder can develop as a result of many causes, but oftentimes TMJ symptoms are due to a misalignment or dislocation of the jaw joints or malocclusion (when teeth don’t come together properly). Having a jaw or teeth that are “off” can lead to many related problems, including grinding and clenching, chronic headaches, and jaw clicking, popping, or locking. Since the issue can either be at the source of pain or deferred from another part of the face, we take a specialized and comprehensive approach to get to the root of your TMJ symptoms. With a thorough understanding of TMJ disorder, our oral surgeons have the knowledge and experience to target what is causing you pain and provide relief.

Personalized Treatment with Real Results

Treating TMJ symptoms is a personalized treatment process, as each of our patients presents unique situations. Due to the training and experiencing of our Amesbury, MA oral surgeons, we have the skills to provide a comprehensive list of TMJ treatment options and the specialized care you need to return to a functional, comfortable life! :

Our custom mouthguards fit over your teeth to protect them from the effects of grinding and clenching. They also help lessen the muscle strain caused by the stress of chronic teeth grinding. With less pressure on the joints and muscles, the jaw can relax into a more harmonious and functional position.

If mouthguards do not resolve TMJ symptoms, we can perform a procedure called arthrocentesis, which removes the inflamed fluids from around the temporomandibular joint and disk to reduce inflammation and stiffness in the jaw. We will often also reposition the joint to help improve its function.

For the most extreme cases of TMJ disorder, we may recommend orthognathic (jaw) surgery. Jaw surgery repositions or restructures the jaws so they come together correctly. This procedure is often the last resort but can have life-changing results for patients living with debilitating TMJ symptoms.

Start conquering your TMJ pain today!