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You may not need complex facial surgery, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find the treatments you need at our Peabody, MA office. With decades of combined experience, there are few oral and maxillofacial treatments our skilled surgeons have not mastered. In most cases, we will have the expertise to handle your treatment in-house, or we will refer you to a specialist for your care. No matter your situation, you will be in good hands and receive the treatment you need to restore function and health. Do you dislike the appearance of your “gummy” smile, or are you experiencing painful gum recession? You’ve come to the right place!

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What options are available to treat TMJ?

Our Specialized Services

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Soft Tissue Recontouring

Too much gum tissue results in a “gummy” smile that is both unsightly and can lead to functional issues with the teeth. Soft tissue recontouring removes excess gum tissue improving the natural symmetry of the smile and creating a better tooth-to-gum ratio. This treatment can also give access to a portion of the tooth that may have decay or a fracture.

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Gum grafting reverses the aesthetic and functional issues associated with gum recession. Tissue taken from a donor source or another part of the mouth is placed over the exposed tooth roots. After healing, the tissue will be fused together, providing a denser and healthier surface and better support for the tooth or teeth.

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