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Treatment to Ensure Proper Orofacial Health

Like any parent, you want to ensure that your child is developing properly as they grow. But what if your child is born with a birth defect that’s affecting their facial appearance? Are they struggling to breastfeed properly or as they age, have you started to see a large gap between their two front teeth? Though concerning, these orofacial conditions are common among infants and children and are easy to treat with a simple surgery. We specialize in these surgeries, taking extra care to keep you and your child comfortable and relaxed during the appointment with assistance from our on-staff nurse anesthetist. With the administration of the proper anesthesia and gentle treatment from our skilled surgeons, your child can enjoy functional and aesthetic improvements after just one surgery at our Peabody, MA office.

Specialized Pediatric Services


Cleft Lip and Palate

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Cleft Lip and Palate

Birth defects of the lips and mouth occur due to the improper development of the baby’s upper lip (cleft lip) or mouth (cleft palate) during the mother’s pregnancy. We recommend surgery to repair these orofacial clefts within 12-18 months of birth to improve facial appearance and breathing, hearing, and speech development.


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Tongue tie and lip tie refers to common conditions in children where the proper movement of the upper lip and the tongue is restricted by the frenulum (tissue that tethers the upper lip and tongue to the mouth). We remove either or both tissues during a frenectomy to improve the child’s functional and aesthetic development.

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A Note to Parents

Pediatric surgery can induce fear and anxiety in you, as parents, and your child. As experienced oral surgeons, we are familiar and skilled in orofacial cleft surgery and frenectomies. We provide these treatments on a routine basis in a safe, AAAASF-accredited operating room as your child is comfortably sedated and monitored by our certified nurse anesthetist. We do all we can to alleviate the stress associated with pediatric surgery to help your child feel comfortable with our team and ensure you feel confident in our specialized care.

Safe, comfortable surgery is here.

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