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Helping You Recover Faster and More Comfortably

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We Accelerate Your Healing Process Naturally

No one wants a slow, painful recovery after surgery. While there are steps we recommend patients take at home, we’re focused on helping you jumpstart the healing process with advanced healing techniques you receive the day of surgery. Taking advantage of your body’s own ability to heal itself, we use a sample of your blood to create a concentrated by-product rich in growth factors. These by-products are known as platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma. Though both are derived from your blood, they each hold different purposes that are dependent on each patient’s needs. It’s normal to feel nervous about undergoing surgery, but with the skill of our surgeons combined with our advanced healing techniques, you’ll have a comfortable surgical experience and a faster, safer return back to ideal health.

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Why Patients Choose Advanced Healing

  • Safe and effective
  • Reduce pain during healing
  • No contraindications
  • Accelerate natural healing
  • Reduce infection risk

Our Advanced Healing Techniques

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Platelet-Rich Plasma

Used commonly during bone grafting procedures, platelet-rich plasma is taken from your body and spun in a centrifuge to separate the layers of the blood. We extract the layers rich in platelets and growth factors and integrate them with the bone grafting material. This enhances the healing process after a bone graft and reduces the time between this surgery and receiving a dental implant.

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Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Platelet-rich fibrin, the part of the blood that helps in the clotting process, is a membrane-like material derived from your blood. We use this fibrin to help hold the small particles of bone grafting material in place. The growth factors in this fibrin help accelerate healing at the site of the graft. Platelet-rich fibrin is especially useful for more complex grafting procedures and full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants.

Recover faster with advanced healing techniques.

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