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Virtually Painless, Surgery-Free Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing may sound like a boutique spa treatment, but many of our patients desire to enhance their skin due to self-consciousness about facial hair, acne, scars, wrinkles, sunspots, and other skin conditions. Using our powerful, safe Lumenis® CO2 and non-ablative resurfacing dental lasers, we can reduce the appearance of and even erase these unsightly blemishes, and enhance the natural health and beauty of your skin. Due to the non-invasive nature of our lasers, you can enjoy a virtually pain-free experience at our Peabody, MA office and see results immediately after your treatment! Better still, as oral surgeons, we’ve trained specifically in the face, mouth, and jaws and are uniquely qualified to provide facial aesthetic treatment. Let the experts in laser resurfacing help you regain confidence in how you look and feel by scheduling your appointment today.

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Using lasers in cosmetic procedures - scar revisions, pigment reduction, and cosmetic procedures

facial hair removal

Intense pulsated light (IPL) of our dental laser comfortably targets hair follicles on the face, permanently reducing their ability to grow hair for softer, smoother skin.

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Sun damage, rosacea, and signs of aging can be effectively diminished through targeted laser treatment. The laser light helps stimulate collagen while eliminating melanin.

Uneven skin tone, liver spots, birthmarks, warts, wrinkles, and scars can be faded with precise light targets to layers of damaged skin and stimulate collagen growth.

patient suffering from hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmented skin can be treated with focused laser light that targets and resorbs cells containing melanin (what causes skin pigmentation) and reduces dark patches.

patient suffering from vascular lesions

Vascular lesions and malformations including hemangiomas, port-wine stains, and spider veins can be treated through targeted laser light that breaks down the blood vessels to reduce or eliminate their visibility.

patient in need of scar revision

Scars from surgery or an accident can be reduced or eliminated with a dental laser treatment that removes damaged tissue and stimulates the body’s healing response.

acne patient

Bacteria that cause acne, red skin, and acne scars can all be treated with our dental laser that reduces or eliminates the bacteria within the pores.

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